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    Sorry, SDK, I'm going to pick on you a bit. Your header for this was misleading. The header on the original story from ZDNet was "Microsoft: To Secure IE upgrade to XP."

    Your header "Microsoft to secure IE for XP only" is a completely different statement. The point of the article is that Microsoft cannot continue to support IE on older platforms. Browsers, all of them, have moved on. So should we. You want secure internet browsing? Upgrade. Don't expect Microsoft or any vendor to retrofit 8 to 10-year old code bases.

    I was gonna rant, but decided not to.

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    hey guys looks like everyone of u got wrong! if u go to www.microsoft.com and then move to security downloads u'll get an option like Security dowload for IE6(KB....) that's the place u can go and moreover its free!

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    Sure you can get patches TODAY.............Microsoft are still "supporting" their older OSes to 2006/7 but that may not be so good if they don't support the browser for them.

    What we are discussing is a "declaration of intent" not a fait accompli

    Anyway, all I seem to use IE for these days is to download patches for IE

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    akshayakrsh, Zdnet change their title. I usually do a copy/paste... I change the thread title at your request.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Well I have XP installed on a 166 MHz Box at 64 megs,,,
    I even have NTFS on that one.... It has a 40 gig drive on it I use as storage
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