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Thread: Super Size Me Review

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    Super Size Me Review

    I just finished watching “Super Size Me” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390521/). Morgan Spurlock is an entertaining guy, and there’s a lot to be said for how entertaining his documentary is. A lot of folks just don’t seem to realize how many calories they are eating, and I’m glad that this documentary points that out to people, but damn is in one sided. It’s easy to blame corporations like McDonald’s, I’ll admit that they do everything they can to get people to eat their **** and that kids are partly sucked in by their marketing style, but what about personal responsibility or parental decision making? Here are the things I hated about the show:

    1. They mostly blame McDonald’s and companies like them, but talk little about personal responsibility. I was not fat five years ago because McDonald’s forced me to eat those 20 piece chicken McNuggets, I chose to eat them!
    2. They seemed to indicate that the two overweight girls who were suing McDonald’s were right to do it! Bullshit, they chose their lifestyle as much as I chose to post this message.
    3. Morgan’s vegan girlfriend was annoying an pretentious. Vegans can be as bad as people who look down their nose at you for not following their religion.
    4. The praise it gave to the school that sold organically grow meals was such bull ****. They said the price came to about the same as the regular meals, but I doubt that. Watch Penn ad Tellers “Bullshit” episode on organic foods to see what kind of crap science these people push. We don’t need to sell the calorie dense foods that we do in schools, but the organic foods nonsense is also bad because it costs more money they other just a healthy alternatives.

    Watch the show for entertainment and a little information, but ignore it when it blames corporations for all the fat people and forgets about personal responsibility for one’s self and one’s children.

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    I'll have to see that.
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    Fat people are a fact of life.... Especially in America..... What really makes me laugh my rear off is the "poor" people that weigh at last 250 complaining on the TV that they are "poor".... How the hell does that work? Well, I guess, if you quit buying the latest car and the latest TV while living in a slum and being 100 pounds overweight the rest of us could have a little sympathy for you....... Yawn..... I'm really fed up with the losers who want their "free ride".... Not on my wallet.... not on mine....
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    The thing that absolutely kills me is to see fat parents walking alongside their fat children. I don't care if you are fat, fine, be fat. But for gods sake, when you know, firsthand, that being overweight carries social stigmas, medical problems, and self-esteem issues, don't do it to your children too!! It's not that hard to motivate your kids to get out and move, to exercise, to eat healthy...do it!
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    I don't like the "blame the corporations" stuff. Yes, we do have the choice to eat it or not eat it. Personally, I will eat 2 or 3 Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers for lunch about once a week. I don't know why I eat that many, but for $2 or $3 I get more for my buck than a $6 value meal. And besides, water is free.

    Some people would think "dude, 1,200 calories in a single meal!!!?" Given my situation, unfortunately, about 75% of my calorie intake comes from this type of lunch. I only do it once a week, so other days I get like no nurishment... I usually run, but for the past 4 or 6 weeks I've been injured to the point of not being able to run. Right now, I am just maintaining my weight, and unless I can get a couple thousand calories for lunch, I'm going to be loosing weight. I wish my diet could be more balanced with stuff other than fat and grease, but unless I can get some good help on my diet and meal preparation, I'm keeping my diet as it is. I can't improve it on my own, but this is my compromise to keep at a decent weight. Just wait until I can run more once again...I'm going to be a fit, yet nutritionally unhealthy athlete...

    That personal rant came out of nowhere...

    Anyways, there is a choice. You can't go around suing fast-food. You might as well sue the cow that you ate because it ate 10lbs of wheat or whatnot that could have gone to other people in the world, but it instead made that 1lb of meat that made you fat. I read somewhere that these lawsuits are giving the impression that the consumer is vulnerable and in need of government protection and regulation. If the consumer was responsible, the government wouldn't have to step in and do weird things to fix problems that the consumers brought about themselves... Because I don't like some of the proposed solutions to things...

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    Suing any company because they made you do something is bull, and the suers should be fined and jailed for stupidity.

    How can you sue a fast food corperation for making you eat their products? Or a gun manufacter for making you shoot your spouse? Or a tabacco company for making you smoke?

    These are all personal desisions that you make yourself, of your own free will. I smoke and have for 40+ years. The cigatette manufacters had nothing to do with my desision to start smoking. I was the one that wanted to, to look older and more mature (right). If anyone else could be blamed for that it would have to be my peers and the movie industry for making it appear glamorous......but it was and is my desision not some company that is suppling my vise.
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