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Thread: ImageShack -- free image host

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    ImageShack -- free image host


    I like this one.. imo, much better than photobucket. It looks like they have plenty of space so the images will stay on the server for a year.. it will depend on when the file was last accessed. If you register you can upload a zip file with a whole bunch of your images and they'll unzip it (I guess) and spit out the urls for you. in addition, (if registered) you'll have an image manager.. which will show you all the stuff you've upped to imageshack. you can't delete stuff via the manager but.. at least the urls will all be in one spot.

    image file types allowed.. jpeg, jpg, png, gif and swf
    file size.. one meg (1024 kilobytes)

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    I like Photobucket... and I already have an account there so =P.

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