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Thread: Linux based Spyware sweeper

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    Linux based Spyware sweeper

    Me and some friends are trying to start a business right now. As a way of getting some capitol together we are helping people set up networks in their homes, and clean up their screwed up computers. (we hope to eventually just sell whole machines and do in home stuff on the side). Something our linux kid is developing right now is our own bootable linux distro. We want it so that if there is a machine that is completely comprimised we can still just slap a cd in and look at everything on the computer. We want our own so that we have an ultra generic kernal (HUGE!!!!) with support for everything, and also a couple of tools. ONe of those tools is a virus scanner. The other is a Spyware sweeper. We haven't been able to find a linux based spyware sweeper for windows yet. So if anybody has any suggestions on where we could find one, or a good antivirus that is for windows but linux based, or if somebody has already created a distro like this, a link to that, that would be incredibally helpful.
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    BartPE is more than capable of doing these things, it can have McAfee and Ad-Aware plugins. Although it is a windows based live disc. For AV, look at the Clam engine on sourceforge.

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    Have to agree two ways for now to deal with any virus and spyware. Clam if it on is a Linux based email server, has caught more then the windows based AV scanners. Ad-Aware SE for the window boxes. I'd also suggest Firefox as a browser and to dump IE unless you are on XP and patches for it soon will cost you $99.99 plus M$ processing fees or by the XP upgrade LOL at 149.95 and trust M$ got something right this time.
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    Hmmm.... I'm just throwing something out here.... mount the Windows drive onto Linux and try using Wine to run AdAware?

    I don't know the feasibility of this, but if it were to work it would give you a far broader range of options.

    Anyone here who knows Wine please let me know if this idea has any merit.

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    so you know i mounted my friends fat32 partation on his linux compy and ran the pandasoft virus scanner...got rid of the torjan and found some spyware too....but i dont think it got all spyware..just the malware
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