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Thread: i need to devlop an a i program

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    i need to devlop an a i program

    ok folks
    here is what i need. i need to devlop a good more important working artificial intelligence program for my final year project.i was right now thinking of some game.but now i m thinking about something comendeble like responding buddy u know.also i hav three members in my team.we hav gone through initial phase of litreacy.we hav read two books based in ai.we dont want it to be too graphical.but i do want it to be smoothly operateble.also can i look to make it virus prone.
    plz send me all ur thoughts,as i need every thing bcoz im just begining.also i need related links suggested readins and very much the links to the likes of this project.
    thanks in advance
    till than
    au revouir

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    also can i look to make it virus prone
    I think that you mean "virus resistant" or NOT virus prone Well you could run it on a *nix platform? However, malware and AI applications are not normally closely associated, as the AI is quite specialist, and unlikely to be a target.

    What I think you and the team need to consider is the nature of your definition of AI.

    You will need a database to store known outcomes, probably another to store observed results.

    You will need to collect observations and compare these to the stored outcomes and values using algorithms. This should then produce a predicted outcome.

    The next step is what do you want the degree of AI to be? Simple AI will learn from input and outcomes, but will use a fixed number of preconstructed algorithms. A really smart system will be capable of generating its own algorithms as well.

    You have to put a lot of thought into this bit, as an event could be random, and apparently unpredictable or it could be an error (an illegal move for example) It may be required to ignore observations that are outside of "x" standard deviations of the norm, to get a more reliable predictive database. You need to consider the statistics of what your application is trying to do.

    My only personal experience of this was a system to close the materials requirements planning/production planning loop in an engineering environment.

    Anyway, those were some of the issues that I had to consider.


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    I have the VB source code for my old Neural Network project in Pornography Recognition:


    Yes, I made it my homework to look at porn at school.

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