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Thread: Racist Reunion in VA.

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    Racist Reunion in VA.

    The NAACP strikes again!

    A reunion of Virginia high school graduates from the 1940s, 50s and 60s is being described as a racist throwback to another era because no African-Americans will be attending the events.

    That’s because there were no African-American students at Washington High School in those decades before integration. But no matter.

    Kirkland Hall, a former president of the local NAACP, cites the reunion as evidence that Princess Anne County is still a divided community.

    The integrated post-1969 classes at Washington High hold their own reunions periodically, but because they are smaller and are not promoted as community events then the whole practice is clearly racist.
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    OMG how dare they hold a reunion of former classmates. Those bastards! BTW it's up to each class to have some people dedicated to promoting the event. Ah well, they are still bastards!
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    Interesting, my mom graduated from high school in 1964, and she has class reunions every five years. Her high school wasn't integrated until 1965, so there are no black people at these events either. And it's certainly a big deal, because where she lives, there is only 1 high school in the whole county (my sister graduated from the same high school, and there's still only 1 high school in the whole county). It's in several newspapers, and it has never drawn the attention of the NAACP. Maybe because there were only a couple of hundred of them when they graduated, and about a quarter of the graduating class that year was killed in Vietnam, it's not a big enough gathering to draw any attention.
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    Amazing! Now it's 'politically incorrect' to have a class reunion because there'll be no african-americans present? Hmm. I graduated in 1985 from a public school. My graduating class was all caucasians and asians. No african americans at all. Why was this? It wasn't because of racisim, I assure you - we simply had no african american children living near enough to the school to attend it. I wonder, will we have our 20th next year? If so, will it be surrounded by such bs as the one in VA? Meh. Maybe our bleeding heart friends would perhaps like it more if we were to invite an all african-american class to join our reunion and double up? Yep, that'd turn the trick - we'd be on one side of the room reminiscing with our old buds, they'd be on the other. Together, but still segregated. Why? Because nobody from our class would know anyone from theirs. Go figure.

    You'd think the liberals *cough* make that idiots would have something more constructive to do with their time, like trying to get a waffling fool elected president.
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    Another great example of how ****ed up our world really is.
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    The answer is clear, give them all forty acres and a mule.

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    It’s obvious that this is a reunion of the “whites only” graduates, …40’s, 50’s and 60’s. claiming that they’re coming together under the common bond of music, etc. Like the music from the 40’s had much in common with that of the 60’s or the cars or anything else for that matter except for segregation.

    But it’s also obvious that no one plans to do anything to stop it, nor should they. unless of course AP manages to stir up some **** by giving this a public spotlight. In reality they’re just a bunch of old people. Just let them live out their days. This practice will come to an end by itself without causing anyone anymore hardship. Im sure the hatred still rides high in some amoung both groups and they’re wise to just let the embers burn out.

    "It would be nice if the class of 1969 of both schools would have a reunion. We might have something in common," Hall said, adding after a pause: "I don't think too many people would be up to the idea."...a wise man
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