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Thread: Top AP earners Mods where is the dif??

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    Ohhhh, you mean so we can all watch **** threads stay open because Neg and MsMittens, being human, do have to put the computer down to take a **** once in a while?
    yup yup i know where your com,ing from - but all it would take is to have a limit where a thread must recieve negs from at least 4 people and recieve over X number of negs in total to be closed

    that way a top earner can easily provide the number of points needed to close a thread but their decision must be supported by a min of 3 other people....newbies, seniors doesn't matter who all that matters is that some other people from community also agree that thread is shite and should be closed which shouldn't be hard to get


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    yeah that is a good idea val .. that way one person who dislikes a thread cant shut it down unless it is a mutual decision by at least a small group .. i like that idea

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    Gore makes a good point. Over time those top AP earners have been put there by the rest of the community. Looking at the top 10 list there isn't really anyone there that is an utter moron and lacking some judgement. So look at the top ten as your elected officials... You voted them in and they can make decisions. If the decision means that the thread closes it's usually going to close after a couple more people read it anyway, we're just putting it out of it's misery.

    Spyder: There is no way you can close a thread all on your lonesome. There has to have been negative input previously even though it may no show on the little bar by others. I can be pretty safe saying this because I have, within minutes of a post being published, negged the little brat who wrote it and even in sec related forums I can't close the thread. Remember that people without AP's can neg someone and it won't show to you or me but the negs are recorded against the person and the thread.
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    Tiger Shark if say 4 or 5 people have posted in the thread and spyder negs all of them it will close, isnt that what you meant spyder?

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    I see it rather differently:

    1. The problem is not lame threads, it is lamers posting to them. I say leave them open so everyone gets a shot at the lamers, not the thread.

    2. A reasonable thread can be destroyed by a troll whose getting negged closes the thread. A classic example of automation being inferior to human judgement.

    3. Sure, the antipoints is an indication of consensus.............but the rules have changed at least twice whilst I have been here, so it is hardly the level playing field that I would call democracy.

    4. I notice that moderators close threads that quite deserve to be negged some more, before the perpertrators have been banned.

    5. Does it happen that often to be a real problem?, I do not believe so, and would be interested to see evidence to the contrary. I certainly do not think that it merits major resource investment.

    I would suggest that the simplest solution is to increase the threshold for closing a thread automatically. That would allow more people to express an opinion, protect threads that have been subjected to "troll attack" and prevent any single individual from having too much influence on a particular thread, whilst still being able to give full expression to their opinions. [OK, the splitting of antipoints has helped a lot here, already, but sometimes a troll deserves the "kill" setting]

    The main advantage of this suggestion is that it is a very simple coding change.

    Just my thoughts
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    Tiger: I'm saying I can if I wanted to, easily actually. However I wouldn't and somewhat couldn't because that would mean negging people just for being in the thread. I couldn't hit one person and close the thread, I'd have to neg about 4-6 people in the thread. And that's unjust, unless they posted a post deserving of a neg as well (which is usually not the case).

    Tiger Shark if say 4 or 5 people have posted in the thread and spyder negs all of them it will close, isnt that what you meant spyder?
    Yes, that's exactly what I meant.
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    i think the mods now do a good enough job.. they do more than just close threads

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    Ya. We even respond to some..
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    Hey Hey,

    The thing to remember is that the mods can reopen a suicidal thread if need be... So I go on a rampage and neg everyone in the thread.... or myself and, say, gore neg someone and it goes suicidal... The negged posts can be removed and the thread reopened.... I don't think it happens often enough to warrant changes to the systems.... If you think a thread has been closed unfairly or improperly... it may have happened for reasons you don't know.. but if you have a problem with it being closed... it's a valid discussion or something like that... send a mod a PM and ask them to look at it.

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    For the record. If I see a thread that's really good and a dumb add posting in it who needs some red, I will greenie someone in that thread who deserves it (If the thread is worth keeping open, someone deserves green) and then I will neg the person so it will stay open. I have to, I negged a roll call post and it went suicidal.
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