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Thread: Hard drive problems

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    Hard drive problems


    I just built a new computer from scratch. My specs:
    ASUS P5AD2 Premium Motherboard
    Intel P4 3.4ghz H/T 550
    1gb DDR2RAM
    Radeon X800 XT w/ PCI Express

    Now my problem is this. I have a primary ATA hard drive (maxtor 250gb). I installed this correctly as a master IDE and installed windows. It works perfectly. The issue is I have a secondary 120gb Hard drive that is SCSI. When I enter BIOS, both my hard drives are listed. If i try to boot into the secondary I get a black screen (No data on it). If I go into windows, the hard drive (the secondary) is not listed.

    I can't figure out how to configure it
    ANY help is appreciated, thx

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    What Version Of Windows are we talking about?

    scsi drivers installed correctly in windoze?.. when you say "bootinto secondary" your setting the Scsi as the first boot device? what have you installed on the drive.. is ithe drive partition set to acttive?
    I am not familure with Booting Scsi Drive only used in a Data server and only for data..
    but these question are where I would start..


    Btw.. Welcome to AO.. and sry it has taken so long for an answer
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    what is on the second one and is it brand new also.(it may be corrupted)
    and also are they set dual correctly or are they just both connected and is the master cable connected?

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    Assuming Windows XP:

    Start -> Run...

    Check to make sure the Disk manager 'sees' your disk. You probably need to create a partition before you're able to access this disk from windows.
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    In addition to it likely being unpartitioned/formatted as SirDice mentioned, or you may have to install the SCSI controller drivers. Make sure Windows is showing a SCSI storage device in device manager.
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    just my thoughts

    when ever i get errors of similiar devices *sound card, hdd, etc* i throw in a copy of knoppix or a live distro that is compatiable with the device from boot...just to make sure i can use it....cause in my world...if linux doesnt help...then not much else will

    so recomendations....get your hands on knoppix or knoppix-std, see if lin recognizes the drive, partation it using cfdisk *just do a fat32 partation to start...you can switch to ntfs if you choose...i belive you should use w95 fat with LBA* and then reboot to windows and see if it is visibal

    if not then you know the hard drive is not the problem but either the device drivers or the motherboard...being it worked in linux...it should be able to work in windows.....

    if you have any experience with linux then go ahead....if not then back up first....if none then dont worrie about it
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