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Thread: win XP question

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    win XP question

    hi everybody,
    when i look at my connections, i see some connections on port 445. and i found out that port is used for microsoft-ds.
    the questions are, what does that port is used for? is it something bad? if it is, how can i prevent those connections.
    thanks for help...

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    http://ntsecurity.nu/papers/port445/ <-- Give that a read .. and no it is not bad

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    As far as i know this port is used in Win2k /Xp for Server Message Block over TCP...................used for Printer and file sharing...........microsoft-Ds is the service that is running on thet port

    If you don't use that you can safely block it ..............you can either use your firewall to do that or through the registary editor.

    read More about it and how to block it
    Close port 445 TCP/UDP by disabling NetBT in Device Manager

    Here is what Microsoft has to say on the matte and solutions........ The vendor has suggested two possible solutions, here:High CPU Usage Occurs When There Are a Very Large Number of Connections on Port 445

    --Good Luck--

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    this port is used for transfering the information of ur computer to microsoft, the only way u can prevent is by reading the END-USER LICENSE in the terms and condition column where it is written clearly that the information will be transferred to Microsoft one of such products is Windows Media Player! so before agreeing to any terms and conditions atleast giv it a short read which no one does in this whole world i reckon!

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