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Thread: Antivirus and spyware programs enough?

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    Antivirus and spyware programs enough?

    I use a WinXP Machine and I was wondering if running antivirus programs like Norton and having Ad-aware is enough to secure my system. What else should I be looking for and what are some telltale signs that my computer has been compromised?



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    Enable your firewall too, and make sure you are updated.

    Updating your system regularly is #1 priority!

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    I would add that you should get a better firewall than the standard XP one though!
    Perhaps Kerio or Sygate or some other one. There's plenty of reading material here on AntiOnline for you to research which firewall is best.

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    In a word, no..get a firewall as suggested..also kee Windows up to date
    You might want to give these programs a shot too:
    1.Spybot S&D:http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html
    The last two're trojan cleaners,CWShredder's meant for browser hijacks and such and Spybot's meant for spyware..hope this helps

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    1. Update your OS. and all other software's esp. like Antivirus and Firewall (get one from above given address or even try (www.zonelabs.com)

    2. Get an antivirus (which you already have, Just keep on updateing it and also scan your pc once every 3-4 days)

    3. get a firewall ( Just be sure to "WHAT YOU SAY YES" WHEN YOUR FIREWALL ASKES YOU IF TO ALLOW ACCESS). also monitor your firewall rules that have been created and also try to monitor your log's.

    4. Use a spyware sweeper like spybot (www.security.kolla.de)

    5. use a less powerfull account to surf the internet. only use your "ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT" FOR installing software, etc.

    6. get an alternet browser to IE. like firefox (www.mozilla.com) but remember even these alternet browsers are prone to bugs and security holes so just see that you upgrade to the latest release.

    7 If you really want to get too deep into security use programes like F.Port to determine open ports on your system you'll see any unusual activity here means your system is compromised. but if you use an antivirus and a trojan remover like swat it (http://swatit.org/) it should be fine.

    8. This rule is not on what software you use but just remember that Use storng passwords (alphanumerical) with minimum length 8 letters. Dont open any unknown attachments ESp with extention .exe.
    If you use a norton antivirus please dont disable it while you play games etc to save memory its better to add some memory or get an alternative anti-virus.

    last but not the least get your self added to a mailing list like Bugtraq so that you are UPDATED.

    sorry fogot to say this its one of the most important things to keep your self secured. """""TAKE REGULAR BACKUPS""" its the fastest way to get your self online after any trouble.

    also like Ms said be paranoid about security, if you want and i do recomend it also you should also get your computer scanned online for virus a nice place would be www.housecall.antivirus.com.

    and to be more sure of what you download get the MD5 sequence of the software to gurentee its authanticity.

    also dont be under the idea that two antivirus software are better then one. becasue they aren't. they'll just cancel each other out or fight amongst each other.

    also if you really want to get down and dirty on security get a hardware firewall like Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router it will cost you somewhere like 60 $.


    the ways to secure your box are endless but remember these are just some of them but even these will help you a lot.
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    To add to Bytewrangler's post, there are a few other things to do:

    9. Be paranoid. Even with everything you put on something/someone will get in if determined enough. Doing all those steps makes it harder but doesn't completely eliminate it.

    10. Keep those utilities you use up-to-date. Being aware/educated by using Bugtraq (you can join the mailing lists here) is one part but it's useless if the utilities are using signatures from 3 months ago.

    11. Don't panic. If it happens, it happens. Learn from what happened, fix the problem (if possible) and continue.

    Edit: I'd suggest Sygate over ZoneAlarm as you get more information and better control, IMO.
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