Yeah, I have two questions here.
My first one, If I wanted to write a C++ program and have it contain graphics, am I going to have to use something besides your average compiler, like Dev? I was reading about it, and I think I would have use something like OpenGL or DirectX. I dont know what those are and/or how to use them? If anyone could explain some basic information about that, that would be great.

Second question, I remember back when I was learning QBASIC that we had made a program like pong. Well, I was wondering how to do something like that in C++. Mainly, All I want to know is how would I use the keyboard for interaction. I have been doing some searching, and all I have found is stuff on Visual C++, and I havent used that, nor do I plan to for a while. I was wondering like the ASCII value of left arrow. Say we were playing pong. How would I make a | move when the user presses a button, which out having like a cin>> statement.
Anywayz, I hope you understand what I am trying to ask, and thanks for any help.