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Thread: Spell Check Should Be ...

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    Spell Check Should Be ...

    available not only when posting a new thread / response, but also when posting a quick thread / response and when editing a post.

    It may also be good to introduce it in the Private Messaging area.

    Or may be it should be removed and the user should spell check using their favourite software?
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    well sort, i think it is an optional coz most do not when posting messages.

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    Well I for one would use it all the time, but I have never gotten it to work.

    Now it seems to start, but then just hangs, showing "Please Wait". Only it never changes from that.
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    Spell Check

    why not just go for a browser with spellcheck..

    Konqueror supports it.. With ispell and aspell Just go to Settings -> Configure Spell Checking..

    Now guess (screenshot) which one I use..
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