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Thread: Syria murders blacks?

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    Syria murders blacks?

    im hoping someone can add some insight to the credability of the german newspaper Die Welt. if true, this is most disturbing.

    Die Welt: Syria used chem weapons in Sudan


    Berlin, Germany, Sep. 15 (UPI) -- Syrian special forces used chemical weapons in June to kill dozens of people in Darfur, Sudan, the German newspaper Die Welt reported.

    The attack came after an arrangement between Syria and the Sudanese government, Die Welt said, citing Western secret service documents and eyewitnesses as quoted in the Arab media.

    Syrian officers met with Sudanese army authorities in a Khartoum, Sudan, suburb in May to discuss possible military interaction. The Syrian officers proposed cooperating on chemical weapons development.

    The meeting led to initial proposals that Syria should test its chemical capabilities on members of the Sudan People's Liberation Army rebel group, but those plans were scrapped since Sudan had entered peace negotiations with that group.

    A second plan -- the one that was eventually carried out -- called for testing the weapons on black African residents of the war-torn Darfur region.

    At least five planes from the Syrian civil airline Syrian Arab Airlines flew Syrian chemical weapons experts into Sudan to carry out the attack.
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    It's a credible paper. It's one of Germany's largest, too.

    That's sad. :-/

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    Without wanting to start *another* conspiracy plot:
    Syria has a border with which recently invaded middle eastern country ?
    Whose leader made big attempts to develop WMD.
    Such research is expensive AND time consuming.
    And we know that *they* used chemical weapons on their OWN people.

    I would imagine that the reasoning behind this use of chemical ordinance, is just to provide empirical proof that the money was 'well spent'

    I would also conjecture that the Syrians AND Iraqis had SOME shared development within the last thirty years.

    Lastly: I would imagine that by now the name SYRIA has been added to that [quite] long but exclusive club of nations that need a DGK [damn good kicking]

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    Hey we used those methods as an excuse once, now according to many "George is the most hated president of all time... " by those outside the United States. Syria is also one of the supposed destinations of said WMDs. They are ON the "Axis of Evil" and no one supports our current and future efforts outside of a small handfull.
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    thanx jehnx, ive recently seen a couple articles by them and they all seemed pretty hawkish. thought that was strange coming from germany which seems to be against the use on military force.

    please dont take this as a flame...just want to point this out to you. you say what happened in the sudan was sad. what would you say about it if a western nation gased those people?
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    The thing I find strange is that I cant find any trace of this story on any other major news site. I checked English(BBC), French(le monde,le figaro),Irish(RTE) news sites and found no referance to the story. I didnt even see anything on the die welt site but that doesnt mean anything as I dont speak german.
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    actually I found this info on two asian sites as well. So it may have credence. Those of you who remember Castro's early days might recall he sent his goons to angola to fight in namibia and reports were that some wmd of cuban origin were used.

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