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    ok considering i just got called stupid by pretty much the creator of this forum, i will do everyone a favor and stop posting to this board. and by senerio work up i meant a disscussions, but ok, im stupid. And since only closed discussions show up on the active threads by default when you first load AO, I guess im stupid for reading or repling to it, thats what the open security forums are for i guess. no hard feelings how was defcon???
    Thanks for spamming a useful thread with crap.
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    Seeing how this thread has gone off topic:
    Yes it was. And I was right, he is stupid. See:
    JP, I don't even know you, but from the above post and other posts of yours lately, grow up, you sound like an 8 year old who has had his toys taken away. My son and daughter would never whine the way you have lately. I will give you credit though. You have taken whining to a new level.

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    If anyone has anything useful to say..PM it to me.
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