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Thread: modem on linux

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    modem on linux


    when installing linux on my box it dosen't detect my modem.after various inquiries i came to know that most internal modems are winmodems and thaht the have achip missing whose function is emulated by a windows driver. IS there a work around for this problem?.or do i have to get an external modem to acess net using linux?

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    What kind of modem do you have? The brandname and model # would be nice.
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    Find the exact model number and brand of your modem, and then search
    google for that name, along with the name of your linux distro. You'll probably
    find someone who has a driver. A few years back it was hard to find
    drivers for winmodems, but we've come a long way.

    Make sure you visit http://linmodems.org/
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