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    If you haven't heard, Google has opened an email service. This service is by invitation only currently and with it you get 1 Gb of mail space, spam filters, and the search functionality of Google. So, therefore, you don't have to organize you emails. Just store them and keep them. To get them, search for them.

    I haven't recieved my invitations to give out yet, but a friend of mine is looking to give her's out. The first 4 people to respond will get these invitations. Once I get mine, I will be able to give inivites personally,

    Oh, I forgot to mention, this is completely free . No strings attached.

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    Dude, we have invitations coming out of our ears here...bring your family and all their friends here and let me have their e-mail addresses, i'll get them an gmail in a few minutes

    btw: We knew about the service long time ago, we're not AntiOnline for no reason !
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    Not only that, but I believe their are numerous threads (especially in this particular forum) concerning G-Mail that were merged into one I think, or just one universal thread. The mention of gmail has started to annoy me with all these threads on it to tell you the truth. Anyways, if anyone need's an invitation they can always PM me.
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