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Thread: The way the war on terror will be won .....

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    Talking The way the war on terror will be won .....

    Three men are sittin' on a bench.
    One's a Texan wearing a Stetson, one's a Muslim wearing a turban,
    and the third is an Apache with an eagle feather woven in his hair.

    The Apache is rather glum and says
    "Once my people were many, but now we are few."

    The Muslim puffs up and says
    "Once my people were few, but now we are many."

    The Texan adjusts his Stetson, finishes rolling a smoke, leans back in
    his chair and drawls,
    "That's coz we ain't played Cowboys and Muslims yet."
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    LMAO I wanna play!
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    I wanta play too but my mommy said I might poke my eye out..... lol jk

    good one foxyloxley!

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    Haha, very nice...

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