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Thread: Windows 98 on XP with dual boot!

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    Windows 98 on XP with dual boot!

    Hiiiii..here i am "AGAIN" to anoy u guys :P

    This time is this, i need to install windows 98SE or ME (better SE) on a PC with XP Pro already installed, i made a few things with partition magic but i just ******d up partitions and just had to made evrything normal again so i wont get into trouble with dad :P..i know it would be better to install 98SE first and them XP has it would allow dualboot himself but..i already have XP costumized, full SP1 etc etc...and it would take hours to uninstall, re-install 98SE, configure it and them XP and..u got the picture..

    soooo.. is there a way to install 98SE in a diferent partition of course from XP (im not that dumb lol) and them dualboot suff etc..how can i do this safly..

    Thanx ppl!

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    Seriusly man


    and we have tons of threads on ths subject here, just do a search !
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    AFAIK you need to install XP first unless you use some sort of third party software. I know you have already had a bad experience with that.

    A quick and dirty solution is to install the software on another drive and change the boot sequence in your BIOS when you want to use it.

    What exactly do you want to dual boot Win98SE for? the reason I ask is that NTFS and FAT32 file systems are not the best of bedfellows. I would be inclined to look into getting an old machine (ex-corporate or whatever) to run Win98 on.


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    yeah it's commonly suggested not to install win98se or ME after xp is installed ..as nihil has said. but folks have done it and (again as nihil has said) you would need to use a third party partiton tool.. I suppose if you don't want to add another HDD.. you could first image your drive using norton's ghost.. as a backup in case things get screwy on you..

    then go take a look at this link..

    near the bottom of the page..
    Here is how to install win98/ME on a computer with
    winxp/2000 already installed on a NTFS partition."

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    I need it to run the damm scanner since compatibility on XP is zero, but i quit..i guess the scanner just dont run at all.

    Thanx for the patience

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    huh ? scanner ? you quit ?
    where am I, who am I.. why did I say that ?

    I think I'll just quote the parts of that page that seem relevant for those who might not want to click a link. I won't be including any of the embeded links so it's actually best to visit the site. Maybe others might see flaws in the method or have other suggestions. I know I've had people ask me this and thought about trying once or twice. "It's like one of those things you put on a "to-do list" but never get around to trying it.." ( lifted from an advert just heard on the tube)

    Here is how to install win98/ME on a computer with
    winxp/2000 already installed on a NTFS partition.

    By Ole Martin Rockstad
    Drammen, Norway

    Here is how to install win98/ME on a computer with WinXp/2000 already installed on a NTFS partition.

    First, format a partition with FAT32. (Use partition magic v7 or greater or
    similar to create a partition if there is no space left.)
    Make the partition active.

    Copy win98/ME cab files to \windows\options\cabs on the new partition.
    Boot computer with a win98 boot disk (Use winimage to create boot disks)
    Install Win98/ME from directory.

    Now, use your winXP/2000 CD and start installation under win98/ME.
    When it prompts you to reboot, reboot back into win98/ME and not into
    winXP/2000 setup.

    Edit Boot.ini file on the Fat32 partition from:
    [Boot Loader]
    [Operating Systems]
    C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup"
    C:\="Microsoft Windows"

    [Boot Loader]
    [Operating Systems]
    C:\="Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition"
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows="Microsoft Windows XP

    You can safely delete the $win_nt$.~bt directory afterward.

    That is all there is to it. WinXpFix.com


    By Jarno van der Kolk

    In the tip by Ole Martin Rockstad called "Here is how to install win98/ME on a computer with winxp/2000 already installed on a NTFS partition" he suggests using Partition Magic. I did that and I succesfully resized and moved the ntfs partition. After that I installed Win98 as suggested.

    Now comes the part where I got stuck. If I now start installing XP, reboot, select 98 in bootmenu en edit the boot.ini then Windows XP will no longer boot and give me a BSOD. It seems Partition Magic 8.0 automatically hides the NTFS-partition when cramming a FAT32-partition in front of it.

    I managed to fix it by unhiding the NTFS partition by installing Partition Magic on the 98 partition.
    Dualboot works fine now. :-)

    So maybe you could add the following at the end of that article?: "If you get 'AUTOCHK program not found' followed by a BSOD when trying to boot Windows XP, then your partitioning program has hidden the ntfs
    partition. To fix this, just boot into Window 98/ME again and install you partitioning program there. Unhide the ntfs partition and now Windows XP should boot up properly again. This works with Partition Magic 8.0"

    Jarno van der Kolk

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    now is it that your trying this method and having a scandisk problem.. ?
    are you giving up ?

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