I tried to use IFOedit after my dvd was ripped to my HD using DvdDecrypter in hopes to split my movie into 2 dvd-r's because I dont want to lose quality.. but for some reason maybe 15 minutes into the process the program halts and a error pops up. I was wondering if there was an alternate to this program I could use or maybe this version is just unstable and maybe i should go back to a previous version of IFOedit. Thank you.

The process im using is:
1. dvdDecrypter to HD
2. ShrinkDVD to ISO
3. CloneCD (to burn iso to DVD-r)

The way I want to do it to keep quality is:
1. dvdDecrypter to HD
2. IFOedit- Split to 2 discs
3. Burn isos with CloneCD

maybe also a recommendaton in steps as to what is better when copying dvds