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Thread: give this group a medal

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    give this group a medal


    given their target and as long as they stick to this target...are doing anything wrong?
    just making some minor adjustments to your system....

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    I think TeAmZ USA is doing a great service to the world. Of course, people who support beheading unarmed, innocent civilians do tend to make me a bit irritable.....

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    Wow i think this might actualy be one for cosmos but i will respond anyways. This has been brought up before. Not this specific case but silliar ones. Im not sure its the right thing to do. If you read the whole article it says they are using mainly free web hosts. So the "hackers" arent realy damaging the terrorists. They are damaging a 3rd party who realy has no vested interest either way. And here at AntiOnline we do not tend to promote using the skills we have in an illegal manner even if it is for a good cause. im sure if you wip out the handy little search feature of this site you will find that "revenge hacking" is extremely discouraged.Considering the mentality of the terrorists this TEamZ USA, or however in the ***** they spell it, could be further endagering the lifes of present and future hostages. Having said that i agree wholehartedly with thier motives. They are pissed off americans who feel as though they are helping the "war effort". They just may be a little missguided. Even the way they spell thier name suggests a little imaturity. I am not condeming them. They just need to think about what they are doing.

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    Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh.... These hax0rs s0uNd s0 l337.

    The group's site is hosted by a provider of free Web hosting.
    What nubs...
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