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Thread: Computer Security/Hacking Video E-Zines

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    Computer Security/Hacking Video E-Zines

    I thought some of you might like these. Since “The Broken”, it seems there have been a lot of video E-Zines coming out. Many kind of suck, but some are pretty cool and give you some idea of the culture. I figured I post the links for those that want to check them out.

    All archived at:

    Individual sites and more info:

    See Also:

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    I thought the broken was pretty sweet, I mean how can you skoff at thermite. Plus now Rose is on G4Tech TV, moving hacking (including console hacking) straight to the mainstream.
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    I haven't really seen very many ads for these flicks, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if in a few years they'll be on TV right next to the weather channel. Seriously, what we considered the undergound will most likely be above ground in the future. Martha Stewart showed us how to cook and use all of our kitchen utensils. I can see it now, live at 8pm someone with a name like l33tRaz will be give us a step-by-step on how to deploy the latest exploit.

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    Cool Hey, we're already on tv

    Hey, we are already on tv. Sure, it's only public access, but we are branching out into other cities already. Hopefully in the next month or so we will be in Indianapolis and we have some friends working to get us in other cities as well.

    Thanks for spreading us around Irongeek, we appreciate it.


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