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Thread: audiovoxprogrammingcodes

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    does any body know any websites or the actual programming codes to audiovox cellphone

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    Okay im going to give you a warning and a second chance here. You might want to offer up an explanation before you get negged to death /banned. I hope for your sake you want this information for a legitimate purpose.

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    BTW: What are you going to do with AudioVox programming codes? Do you even know what you are doing? Most people that want this kind of stuff are trying to send free text messages. What is your intent?
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    Press either #737 or *737 and press send, as this should work on most models.

    Woopsy, forgot I'm supposed to be an idiot that knows nothing except how to install OS.

    Heh, there are more ways of course than the one I named off, like how my phone no longer displays the service providor, it says "Gore" and "we Are 138".

    There are actually a few ways. Just try out different codes and press send, you'll find it.

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