Installing the DAMM scanner !!
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Thread: Installing the DAMM scanner !!

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    Installing the DAMM scanner !!

    Hi ppl

    How u guys doing?

    Well, here i´am late night "home work" with the PCs..

    Here´s a brief:

    - Genius ColorPage HR6 USB scanner
    - Windows XP Pro with SP1
    - PIII 800Hz
    - VIA694 Motherboard (i guess i dont remember but its look´alike)


    This windows error appears evrytime that the Keyscan tries to start at the startup

    (its that window that tell to send the error to microsoft..u know)

    I can see in the scanner utility that a connection was made, turn on and off the lamp and all
    but the keyscan gives that error..the scanner is installed properly, i got the drivers from ... i dont know what else to do..

    Is this a problem with XP, with the drivers ? or something else...

    Thanx, anymore info please let me know

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    You might have a real problem there:

    I found the troubleshooting section for the User's Guide to that scanner and here's the bad news:

    Software Requirements....

    Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB scanner can only operate under the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.
    The guide can be found here

    I would contact MS and see what they say buttttt......


    Edit: and at another site:
    Parallel model requires parallel port and Windows Me/2000/98/95/NT 4.0
    USB model requires available USB port and Windows Me/2000/98

    The problem is you have a USB model.

    Edit: kurt_der_koenig - that's way the big
    Connection refused, try again later.

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    ...can only operate under the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.
    Try to run it in the compatibility mode that xp has! Right click>properities>compatibility>click the box that says run this in........>then select win 98. This should work but do it under the programs directory and not the icon that might be on your desktop. Hope this helps some.

    I would contact MS and see what they say buttttt...... they would get back to you! lmao

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