The company that I work as a net admin for just hired another salesman yesterday. My boss wanted me to get him one of our new shiny dell desktops for his business PC. So I take the old one out of the office, put the new one in, configure it blah blah blah. Everything seems to be working fine. I get him logged on, show him how to use everything, tell him about our security policies..the VPN..etc etc. Well he had been here all of about 2 hours when He comes back from a quick lunch and says he can't get into his outlook account. So I go and take a look at it. Everytime I would try to load outlook I got the error:
Could not connect to your Exchange server. There may be a network problem or your server may be down.

Funny I thought, I was just reading one of my emails. So I check with everyone else, make sure no one else is having any probs. I load IE. No probs. The following is a list of all the things I have tried. To no avail. I can NOT figure out what the hell it's deal is. So anyone with knowledge of a tip or trick, previous issues like this, sloutions....please help.

1) I made sure it wasn't a connectivity issue by doing a net use. Success
2) I mapped a drive top make sure it wsan't a hardware issue. Success
3) I tried to connect to exchange from the problem mailbox to see if it was a client or box issue. Success.
4) I set up a exchange client on the server and set up a profile with the mailbox that was having issues. Then I Started changing the RPC_Bind_order entries. This is where it got interesting. Just as I thought, It started hanging. So I ran the Rping app that comes on the exchange CD. I got no response from any of the protocols. So I assume a corrupted RPC support file. So I refresh all the needed RPC files in the system folders. Try everything again....NO DICE!!
5) So then I think, well...maybe a domain credentials problem. So I clear the use network security on login box. Still no dice.

I am seriously at a loss here.