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Thread: Call for tools..that people ACTUALLY use

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    Call for tools..that people ACTUALLY use

    The title says it all.

    Give me the following:

    a link to download from
    name of the program
    the specific purpose of it
    any possible commentary on it

    Please only give me tools that you use or have used in the past.
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    Hey Hey,

    I use and really enjoy SectorSpy... It has two versions SectorySpy98 and SectorySpyXP...
    Link: http://www.sofotex.com/SectorSpyXP/9...oad_L7531.html

    I can't remember how, or where, I initially stumbled across it... it was prolly on here... but it lets you go over your harddrives and floppys sector by sector, so that you can view the raw data....

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    For recovering files from slack space

    Disk Investigator
    For looking at slack space.

    Forensic Toolkit
    From Foundstone

    For live investigations, finding out what’s listening on ports.

    For live investigations, finding out what’s listening on ports.

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    Irongeek: nice selection, I use those myself.

    Too many to name... and they do a good enough job at describing them.

    EnCase, not cheap... but great.

    Some sort of harware write blocker so you can be sure nothing has been changed while mirroring.
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    Not great for legal purposes but it downright just works for recovering lost / hidden files.
    The network version allows you to mount volumes over the network which is a feature I
    really like.


    Auditor Security Collection

    A KNOPPIX-STD type of boot linux with some fun software including an evidence locker.
    NOT great but worth a look.

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    Just to name a few off the top of my head

    Etherape <<--I really like this one, anybody know of any programs with the same look but more grainular options?
    Snort, ACID
    netsed <<--really fun if your the default gateway and somebody like say your sister is running AIM

    Thats what I've been playin with lately, theres many more, alot of them are on insecure.org's top 100. Hope this helps some.


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    For my Win 2K server, I like
    ShareWatch - a small program that monitors whose connected, what shares they're using, what files they're using, etc.
    TCPView - a simple program that monitors all connections, applications connected, remote addresses, etc.
    There are better descriptions on the links I provided (both are linked to webattack.com where I downloaded them from).
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    Hate to point this out, but a large number of these apps really don't apply to forensics. Now I understand hogfly wasn't specific in his original post, but it seems to me that this was posted in the Computer Forensics forum for a reason. Fport and Netport aren't really reliable, I don't see how many of these tools could be used for forensic analysis. Network monitors sure, provided they aren't run on the compromised machine.

    I haven't done much forensics, but the little I've toyed with has been accomplished via linux and a hex editor (I was using xxd, which seems to be native to most linux distributions).
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    I was debating about posting this..but I figure it's best to..

    chsh is right.
    I was looking for forensics tools( I figured that the post was in this forum, and I am the moderator of it, that it would be clear), but since I consider forensics a broad topic I'd like to open it up to:

    Incident Response tools
    Forensic analysis tools

    This is a list of tools that I've compiled for my incident response toolkit. This is for incident response only, and most of it should not be used for forensics work. If anyone wants the raw set of tools, just ask me, and we'll work out the transfer. It's roughly 70MB.

    #Hogfly's Incident Response CD
    #Last updated 8/11/04

    #Clean Versions Of:

    gdisk.exe #symantec ghost gdisk -similar to fdisk, but more powerful.

    Other Utilities:

    dd.exe #Windows port of *nix dd
    findexe.exe #Finds executables without .exe extensions
    filealyz.exe #Installer for FileAnalyzer, hex viewer for file contents and properties
    listdlls.exe #list current dll's in use
    Systemtools.exe #Sysinternals system tools installer
    cryptcat.exe #Twofish encrypted netcat
    bintext.exe #Search for strings in a file
    filewatch.exe #file modification monitor
    fport.exe #map PID to tcp/udp port
    ntlast.exe #security log analyzer
    showin.exe #show windows information, reveal passwords
    patchit.exe #a binary file byte patching utility
    visionsetup.exe #report all open tcp and udp connections and map them to an application or PID



    nc.exe #Good ole' netcat, if you can't find a use for it, then you shouldn't be using this cd.
    nbtdump.exe #Dump netbios information from computers
    rpcdump #Dumps sun rpc information same as running rpcinfo -p <host> from *nix

    apt.exe #Advanced Process termination
    cmdline.exe #show processes at the command line with path to executable
    httpget.exe #similar to wget
    openports.exe #show open tcp/udp ports mapped to PID
    passdump.exe #dump hidden passwords
    pwreveal.exe #reveal applications passwords
    regprot.exe #check registry for startup applications
    rpadmin.exe #manage regprot
    sendmail.exe #send mail from the command line


    \davory #forensic data recovery--trial version
    davory.exe #data recovery
    \forensic_aquisition #Tools by George Garner Jr. http://users.erols.com/gmgarner/forensics/
    dd.exe #build 1033
    md5lib.dll #md5 checksum implementation in a dll
    md5sum.exe #md5sum utility
    volume_dump.exe #dump volume information
    wipe.exe #sterilizes media prior to duplication
    zlibu.dll #zlib library
    nc.exe #modified version of netcat
    getopt.dll #posix getopt function in a dll

    \FTK #Foundstone's forensic toolkit
    afind.exe #list files without altering the timestamp
    hfind.exe #scan for hidden files
    sfind.exe #scan for hidden data streams
    filestat.exe #dump file and security attributes
    hunt.exe #null session attempts
    daclchk.exe #NTFS DACL ACE order detector
    audited.exe #NTFS SACL reporter

    \winhex-e #windows hex editor
    winhex.exe #Forensic hex editor

    tct-1.15.tar #The coroners toolkit--Linux

    \galleta #Cookie examiner
    galleta.exe #Examine IE cookies

    \pasco #Internet Explorer examination
    pasco.exe #Examine IE history (can get deleted files)

    \rifiuti #Recycle bin examination
    rifiuti.exe #Examine info2 file in the recycle bin

    \lynx #command line browsing
    cp.exe #copy files
    lynx.exe #command line browser --when internet explorer can't be trusted
    mv.exe #move files
    sendmail.exe #send email from the command line

    sl.exe #command line port scanner
    superscan4.exe #Super scan port scanner

    aawpersonal.exe #lavasoft's Adaware personal edition
    Hijackthis.exe #Analyzer for possible spyware, trojans etc..
    spybotsd13.exe #Spybot S&D

    accessenum.exe #enumerate file,registry,directory access
    adrestore.exe #restore deleted active directory objects
    bginfo.exe #show computer information in the background
    diskview.exe #graphical volume analyzer-cluster analysis
    filemon.exe #real time file monitor
    livekd.exe #Microsoft kernel debugging on a live system
    loadord.exe #show load order for drivers and services
    logonsessions.exe #show who is logged on and how
    ntfsinfo.exe #NTFS Information gatherer
    pagedfrg.exe #Page file defragger
    portmon.exe #Port monitor
    procexp.exe #process explorer
    psexec.exe #execute a command remotely
    psfile.exe #list remotely opened files
    psgetsid.exe #get sid of computer or user
    psinfo.exe #get process information
    pskill.exe #kill processes
    pslist.exe #list processes
    psloggedon.exe #show logged on users
    psloglist.exe #dump event logs
    pspasswd.exe #change password
    psservice.exe #show current services
    psshutdown.exe #shut down computers
    pssuspend.exe #suspend or resume processes
    regmon.exe #realtime registry monitor
    sdelete.exe #secure delete

    cleaner41.exe #30 day trial of moosoft's the cleaner
    tauscan.exe #trial of Agnitum's tauscan
    tds3setup.exe #trial of trojan defense suite

    Various unix utilities ported to windows.
    -Very helpful!

    I'll share my forensics toolkit once I compile a list of what I have. There will be overlaps with this list.
    Antionline in a nutshell
    \"You\'re putting the fate of the world in the hands of a bunch of idiots I wouldn\'t trust with a potato gun\"

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    Hogfly, thats quite a list.

    I'm not involved in forensics but a have done a little data recovery. Anyway this is what i have used with some success:

    Knoppix STD.
    Norton Undelete.
    Encase ver3

    Other Tools

    TDS3 Licenced (comes with netstat,ping,tracert,whois,lanscanand lots more)
    Ps Tools
    Most of Symantecs Worm Removal Tools
    Blaster/sasser patch from MS
    A few vbs scripts. Get ip, bios info, installed software, etc (from technet script repository)
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