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    SoftPerfect offers a really good network analyzer for Windows platforms.

    Supports about 20 different kinds of packets, analyzes network traffic, and
    allows you to build and inject custom packets.

    A really good network analysis tool for Windows...

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    Best tool I've ever used for forensics....

    .... mah brain! Seriously, it's easily portable, it's flexible and can adapt to any platform. Reliance on technology is one thing but truly being curious enough to dig and find places to dig is far more powerful, IMO.

    There is something that I have been investigating however and that's Penguin-Sleuth. I haven't had a chance to fully muck about with it but it struck me as somewhat interesting. (Programs in the Live CD)
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    msmittens: ya, but tools only get better with age while the brain degrades!

    In future topics I'll discuss these two tools(they get better with age!!!). I use them both in my daily activities.


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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    Best tool I've ever used for forensics....
    .... mah brain! Seriously, it's easily portable
    Wait, it's not *that* portable: you need to carry the whole Body(tm) extension kit in order for it to work properly. And besides, forget about making a copy for friends, have you seen the EULA that comes with it?! I've even heard that copying it (what some call "cloning") is actually a criminal offense! And don't get me started on the cost of operation!

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    Right now im on helix 1.5 and i can tell you guys, looks great, im still exploring it..tx hogfly for the link....all the hardware automaticly detected, everything works great .....

    I recommend it
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    I like www.dodgeit.com

    Check it out and you'll quickly find out what it's all about.

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    Proxy Tools

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    sorry i havn't been post much to this forum, in fact i havn't been posting much at all, it seems evertime i come here i find a whole bunch of things i need to research. you've been keeping me jumping hogfly! thanks!

    i noticed noone mentioned dumpel.exe from the resource kit. it dumps the event logs in the format of your chosing within the time period you specify. i find this far easier than using the event viewer.
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