I recently stumbled upon this new book titled: " THe Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security" and I would like to recommend it to ALL clueless beginners who are looking for a good place to start and also ALL seasoned players who want to refresh their knowledge and have a good place to refer to. The following is my 2 cents:

This book is indeed one of the best books on computer security in the market currently! It has just the correct mix of both technical knowhow and business perspectives--thereby drawing a direct correlation between computer security and business profitability. The best thing that I like about this book is the fact that it is loaded with tons of real life cyber crime case studies from different industries in different parts of the globe. Every chapter in this book tackles a fresh security vulnerability/loophole that computer networks face on the Internet. The technical explanations are extremely detailed yet fun to read. Reading this book will definitely give you sleepless nights for all the mind-boggling security tricks that the author reveals. Full kudos to the author (Ankit Fadia) for unleashing such a comprehensive yet easy to understand security book!!! This much needed book will definitely help increase your security awareness in this Internet age! Moreover, it is full value for money too. I recommend this book to everybody who is even remotely interested in the wired world! A definite MUST HAVE! Some random keywords from the book include: Buffer Overflows, Trojans, Input Validation, SQL Injection, Keyloggers, Spyware, Spam, Email Forging, DOS attacks, Distributed tools, IP Spoofing, Onion Routing, Proxy Bouncing, Social Engineering, Stack Overflows, Format Bugs, Adware, Instant Messenger attacks and many more!

Title: The Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security

Author: Ankit Fadia

Publisher: Macmillan India Ltd.

ISBN: 1403 92445 7