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    i totally agree i have my cousins father who has a phd in computer science and he totally opposes hacking/even ethical hacking .I had to fight him and my father to get ankits books and i totlally agree it is not worth the money you pay good it shattered me after reading the book.I thought it was a total waste of my time
    thank you for reading my post

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    Originally posted here by intruder
    Instead try "Hacking Exposed" according to me its the bible for those who want to know and learn something about hacking.
    I disagree man. Hacking exposed just give us some technics nothing more,it dont teach you the philosophy of computer security. I think that the best for one newbie is the exploration of tutorials on the web of general for computing. Also reading of books such as Computer Networks of Tanenbaum and The C Programming Language of Kernighan & Ritchie and some other general books.After that will have the ability to read and adnvance security books.This is my opinion for the someone who wants to start learn about computer security.

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