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    Question MS Patch Information


    I am looking into patches and patch management at the moment... blah blah... all very exciting i know.

    Does anyone know of some good resources about general patch info, anything really?

    Cheers in advance,


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    I'd give you a link to a site that houses the information from the patch management seminar I organized with some vendors but it's restricted :/
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    Well, sort of related:

    Get the Belarc Advisor tool. Apart from a variety of system and software information, it lists the MS patches that have been applied and attempts to determine if they WORKED!

    I have solved one or two problems caused by corrupt updates using this tool, and, the MS update site will not offer you the patch if it thinks that you already have it, so a failed patch could mean that you are open to a vulnerability and not even know it.


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    Check this.
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