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Thread: Windows XP Setup Simulator

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    Smile Windows XP Setup Simulator

    Description: Windows XP Setup Simulator is a program that teaches you how to install Windows XP, without having to worry you will mess up your hardware or software. It just simulates installing Windows XP as if it was the real setup. It reproduces every step exactly as it is in the real setup, and it does not restart your computer. This program can also be used as a guide for learning how to install Windows 2003, because the steps are very similar. The package also includes an e-book that explains every step of the Windows XP Setup and some other Windows XP Basics. You can also find the simulation with every step explained in several languages.
    Version: 1.0
    Price: Free!

    Link: http://www.echoproject.net
    Download: http://www.echoproject.net/en/softwa..._simulator.exe

    I have not really looked through the entire package, but I think it may be useful for newbies.

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    I dont see the point of such an emulator??

    it may be able to decide of there will be a problem DURING the install, but it cannot emulate problems after the install and running the OS. if that were possible, you would be able to emulate the environment and use it completely after install. see VMware. the reason it cannot determine this is because i really doesnt change and system components, which is usually where most errors come from...

    Anyways, nice find thats just my 0.02

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    Great - let's teach everyone how to click next 20 times.....

    what a bunch of worthless crap... who would ever waste their time using that...

    OK i will agree that if someone has never installed windows before it may help them as far as comfort level goes, but as stated earlier it doesn't emulate after install yet still setup problems.
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    not that good, but thanks anyway
    i will use it on classroom to show a typical xp installation - its faster than install it for real
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    i will use it on classroom to show a typical xp installation
    I can not comment on this particular product..

    A tool of this type isn't about teaching some one to click Next 20 times, their not intended for that sort of user. It is to hand hold through the other options during the installation.. things like Language and keyboard options..not everyone lives in the bloody USofA .. networking settings.. but these tools can go further than that.. things like setting up partitions..

    My preference is virtual PC .. but that allows me to test the resulting software installation as well as getting the installation setting right.. But for a training enviroment yes.. self traing and free..

    Just because we don't need or have a use for it dosen't make the application crap,

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