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Thread: Re: Assign AP's to Thread

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    Re: Assign AP's to Thread

    I was just looking over the forums, and i realised whats the point of having "assign AP's to this thread"

    it is related to the post about closing threads in one hit by High-AP earners.. sorry, couldnt find the link.

    Now, if you want to praise someone, you will assign the greenies to their post (not the thread) so the positive AP's are useless anyway. but it was there so people could close a thread after sometime. If it is Crap post, it will get negged and more than likely so will the thread eventually resulting in its closure.

    but why dont we just have a "vote to close thread" link. instead of the others. that way, assigning is as usual by posts, but if you do think the thread needs to be closed, click on that one...

    what do you ppl think??

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    Isn't that, in a way, exactly what thread APs do? When you neg a thread, you're casting your vote to close it. If you gave positive APs to a thread, you'd be casting a vote to keep it open. I could make this a poll-like interface instead, but the outcome would be the same.

    The only difference here is that user's 'votes' have different weights. I'm positive that if we changed to your suggested voting system, it wouldn't take long for users to suggest weighting votes by reg date, post count (but of course, only posts to important forums), etc.

    The AP system gives us an interface that everyone already understands and which is already in place.

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    Thanks mnstrgrl we probably don't need any more changes

    Why do we spend so much time on APs. Why don't we spend this wasted time on subjects relative to the site, and not the reward system. Let's try something new like: hereís what you do about this exploit because itís going to delete your suchinsuch.dllís, etc. Why donít we give it a rest for awhile and mess with some deviants for Peteís sake.

    Sorry had a testosterone rush there for a minute! But I think you get my point. Well damn, I just wasted time as well complaining about a thread on APs

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    I kinda like thread ap's. It's a nice way of closing a thread without hurting anyone...Kinda like the poor insane guy that's been posting (now in cosmos) - read over the thread assignments for a good laugh. http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=262504

    Perhaps one day, with appropriate usage, it'll weed out assenine threads kinda like the ones I start :s
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