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Thread: Best Password list Generator

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    Best Password list Generator

    Currently I am dual Booting Windows 7 and BackTrack 5 R3 as I use Hydra I know there is the option for its own Password generator, but I like to compile in Windows 7 what is the best target specific and able to change the most options? I have been working on computers for 25 years thought of becoming a Network Admin and the best way to do that is know how the other side works in order to prevent it, but then again I may not decide to take the path of Admin just keep going this route. Any and all advice appreciated! except SA remarks. Thanks

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    Hi, you might like to read this:

    You don't say what sort of password lists you are hoping to generate. As I see it there are dictionary + default lists, random lists and rainbow tables, which are really just a variation on random.

    For the first type I would be inclined to collect them off the internet and concatenate them. You may want to compile your own rainbow tables though?

    You will need considerable computing power and a lot of storage space to generate anything reasonably effective IRL, as they grow exponentially with the number of characters.

    As for Network Administration I guess that would depend on how much of your 25 years was actually working, and what you were doing. I don't know where you live and what the job market is like there, but over here you would need to think very carefully about a career change once you get into your mid-thirties.

    The reason I say that is you might have to start pretty near the bottom and take a substantial pay cut as a result.

    Please let us know what kind of lists/tables you are interested in.

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