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Thread: Question Templates - Ensure a qucik/accurate response to your query

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    Question Templates - Ensure a qucik/accurate response to your query

    Ok alot of people have been asking questions without providing all needed info - so the first pages of many threads are just same old thing as people try to gather required info to assist.

    So to try andd aid this I have written up a couple of quick question templates - just copy and paste into your post and answer all the questions. That should provide people with enough info to help you with your problem.

    If other people want to contribute templates they think would be useful please do

    I think I am being Hacked - Template
    What Operating System are you running (eg Windows 98, Windows XP etc)
    Do you have all critical Updates installed?
    If you answered No to last question what was last update you installed?
    Do you have an antivirus program?
    If yes what program is it?
    Also do you keep it updated with latest definitions?
    Do you have a firewall?
    If yes what type?
    Do you have any spy/adware checking programs?
    If yes what ones?
    Have you scanned your PC with an http://housecall.trendmicro.com/]online virus scanner[/url]
    If yes what were the reults?
    How do you connect to the internet? (dial-up, adsl etc)
    Are you on a LAN?
    If yes what type is it (Home/Business Wireless etc)
    What makes you think you are being hacked?
    How long has this being going on?
    Any other comments?

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    is site accessible via https? and the link embedded i "the other template" is going to some wieght loss discussion im having a difficult problem which i could use some help on, specifically involving hacking down to OS layer, mobile, and mac. how could i get help?

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    Here is some good advice for Sabrina...................

    1. Check the last post date?...........it is 2004, which means that WINDOWS XP was the hawtest number on the Planet at the time, and the last post is almost 8 years old?

    2. Learn technical English, it is the lingua franca of IT. I am afraid these translation applications just don't do the job.

    3. I know we are an "English Language" site, so if you have to use a translation engine please consider posting in your language as well. We have members from many countries and they might be able to help?

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    Can you unhack a hack? Wood that be possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woody7 View Post
    Can you unhack a hack? Wood that be possible?
    Sure can, but you may need to learn a lot first. Programing, HTML, etc., language as a example.

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