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Thread: bandwidth requirements

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    bandwidth requirements

    is there a site where there are list of bandwidth requirements per applications.

    example: bandwidth for mssql connection, as400, smtp, http, etc.

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    I wish there were. If anyone knows.. PLEASE POST IT.

    Up until now I've been searching the web based on application and service.
    Each appliation/process/task is going to take a different amount of bandwidth. It just depends on what has to be transfered and how many times (transmission failures, etc.)

    For example.
    Say we both have an as400. We both have clients connecting via remote sites over a WAN.
    If I only have 10 users needing constant access and you have 25 users needing access, you are going to need more bandwidth than I will. Especially when I'm only using it 25% of the time you are. But that should be obvious?
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    This site gives a general bandwith usage but not for specific named programs.

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    that's a good place to start... thanx.
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    Hey Hey,

    Not entirely sure what you're looking for specifically but you may find some help from one of these sites.

    http://www.windowsitlibrary.com/Content/386/04/4.html -- Windows Domain Bandwidth (WINS, DHCP, DNS, AD, Network Logon, stuff like that)

    These two mainly show P2P programs and standard HTTP/FTP/SMTP but they are interesting to look at

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