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Thread: UNIX vs. CCNA

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    Sep 2004

    UNIX vs. CCNA

    My first poll (how exciting). Due to overwhelming confuision and course conflicts with school (from the registrar and co-ordinators). I have the option to take one of two different courses next semester. As a begginer Information Security Expert, which one of these two course do you think I should take? I also have the option to take neither and still get my OCGC.

    Introductory to UNIX

    CCNA (module one of a four part course)

    IF you have any insight as to why one might be better than the other it would be appreciated. As far as the courses go they are both offerred at the post-grad level and the only information I have is their titles. REgards.

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    Aug 2004
    I found CCNA course structures to be quite rewarding.

    To be honest UNIX is something you could teach yourself - whereby the CCNA (even if it is only the first module - networking intro, cables, lans n wans, ethernet, switching, OSI etc) works towards a further recognised certification.

    My UNIX knowledge is autodidactic. To me that was the best way to learn. The CCNA materials, I feel, would have been a little trickier self-taught. I benefitted more from practical demonstrations.

    Up to you. Good luck
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    Hi, can you chat with the instructors of each to get a feel from them about each course?

    Either will stink if the teacher blows.

    Having some UNIX experience may help you with the CISCO command line down the road.

    Leaning some UNIX 1st may provide a more broad experience than the Cisco ISO.

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    Re: UNIX vs. CCNA

    Originally posted here by soma56
    IF you have any insight as to why one might be better than the other it would be appreciated
    I can only speak from my own experience, having recently completed the Cisco Networking Academy program (semesters 1-4) and also network operating systems(Linux), as part of my degree course, and would say one is not better than the other, but are totally unique and different from each other. My Linux course was spent entirely working with and using the command line (not allowed to use GUI) and lectures, whereas Cisco involved more practical aspects of networking, routers, switches etc. The choice is yours
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    Let's see - I got screwed when starting into computer science myself - it was the 'CNE' thing back then - took all of my courses, got certified, only to have that certification rendered obsolete the next semester when Novell 5 was released. Screw 'em. Pick up all the Unix you can, study the cisco stuff for fun.
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    So far I've seen some great responses. Perhaps I should re-word it a little different. Consider me a begginer. Which one would I benifit most from as a begginer?

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    Which one would I benifit most from as a begginer?
    Beginner of what? The question you need to ask yourself is what you want to get out of this to help you get to where you want to be. Do you know where you want to be?

    What do you know already? What are you comfortable with?

    BTW, I've moved this here since it's kinda not security related.
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    I think cisco is better...i am doing CCNA at hte moment. Unix is something you can learn by buying 1 box under $50(in US) and 1 unix admin book....you can't do that to cisco...cisco is internet operating system.


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