Since we have had quite a few changes to the Antipoints system, I will try to bring my original post up to date.

User Tends To Assign bar correction
This bar used to show that a new user tended to assign only very negative. It was corrected and now, for the new user, shows balenced directly in the middle, untill the user gains approx 50 positive antipoints themselves and their assignment actually give points. Then it will show the pecentage of positive and negative antipoints assigned in a graph form.

Antipoint Message in Your Account, on the main index page
This will say that you have 'no new antipoint' or You have receive new antipoints. When it tells you that you have received new antipoints, this will be underlined and is a link directly to your antipoint center so you can see what you have received.

Thread Antipoints
A new feature we have just received is:
The Overall AntiPoint Status Of This Thread Is: extremely positive
Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints To This Thread | View AntiPoint Assignments Made to This Thread
This function allows you to be able to assign antipoints to the thread itself and not effect the status of any member. This is set up so members can close (or hold open) a thread that they feel is not worthy of staying open, and not having to neg any member to make it go suicidal. The negatives and/or positives only effect the thread itself and not any of the posters to that thread. It does show in the antipoints given section of your Antipoint Center as points assigned to a thread.

Variable Assignment of Points
Another new feature is the variable antipoints power scale:
What do you think of XXXXX's post?
I approve
I disapprove

Adjustment: *

100% 75% 50% 25%

Your comments on this post:
This provides a method of assigning less points, either positive or negative to any post. This is an important feature for 'Seniors' with massive antipoints to be able to adjust the impact of their assignment.
Example - If I think you have made a bad post, but I don't wish to neg you with the full power of my accumulated antipoints, then I can use the 25% function and hit you with only 25% of the negs I could have given you.

I hope this helps some of the questions I have been seeing on the changes that have been made to our Antipoint System.