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Thread: bunker busters

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    bunker busters

    Here’s an article I came across while searching for more info on the violence in Gaza. Palestinian propaganda or fact? Not that I see anything wrong with supplying someone with the means to take out a common enemy, I just find it interesting and would like to hear other opinions.

    Israel to use US aid to buy 'bunker busters' from US


    The U.S. Defense Department has announced that it is moving ahead with plans to supply 5,000 "smart bombs," including 500 "bunker busters," to the Israeli Air Force.

    A Pentagon spokesman told the Newhouse News Service that Congress had not objected to the deal, which was reported to it on June 1. The deal, reported in Haaretz last week, was widely discussed in the international media, which linked the supply of the advanced weaponry to a possible Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. When asked about the possibility of an Israeli attack, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said the focus was on diplomacy, although other options were always on the table.

    The bombs will be purchased with $319 million of U.S. aid money.
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    The bombs will be purchased with $319 million of U.S. aid money.
    Am I reading this right? The bombs are going to be paid with the money that was given for aid purposes by the US to the US? So basically the US is giving the bombs over to Israel and paying for them as well?
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    Does it really make a difference where Isreal gets the money to pay for the weapons? Would it make everyone feel better if they were getting illegal weapons and equiptment via under the table oil deals? How many countries do we give aid to, where that country turns around and buys U.S. goods or services, but in essence the funding can be said to be derived from U.S. donations to that country? I imagine that the number is quite high, At least the answer from Isreal is straight forward and not pea in the shell game.
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    Ever heard of "Lend-Lease"?

    Shortly before Christmas, 1940, President Roosevelt disclosed at a press conference his plan "to eliminate the dollar sign" from our aid to those fighting against Hitler. The idea was elaborated still further by the President when he appeared before the new Congress on January 8, 1941, to deliver his message on The State of the Union. Meanwhile, work had begun on drafting legislation to put the plan into action. A draft prepared by Oscar S. Cox, then an assistant to the general counsel of the Treasury, was used as a basis for soliciting advice and suggestions from many people.

    On January 10, the bill was introduced simultaneously in the Senate and House by Senator Alben W. Barkley and Representative John W. McCormack, the majority leaders. In the House the symbolic number, H.R. 1776, was attached to what finally became, on March 11, the Lend-Lease Act.

    I think we're getting a bargain. They do the fighting, all we have to do
    is supply the weapons. Thank god Israel took the risk of taking out Iraq's
    nuclear capability back in 1981.


    If Iran gets the bomb, well... I don't wanna think about it.
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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    Am I reading this right? The bombs are going to be paid with the money that was given for aid purposes by the US to the US? So basically the US is giving the bombs over to Israel and paying for them as well?
    "Iran saying that they will destroy Israel if they attack their nuclear reactor in Bushehr or any of the others ones being constructed with Russia’s help"

    "In the mean time the US is saying they will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power and will use anything at their disposal to prevent them from producing nuclear weapons."

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    The first time I saw the Israelis cheering when my ship pulled to anchor at Haifa, I knew they were our friends. In fact, after seeing public reaction from the other ports of call we made in the eastern Med, I believe them to be the best friends we have over there. Since then I've been to Israel 3 times and have been greeted with the same friendliness, whether in civvies, or with the military. They love us.

    The first time I saw a 15 year old kid wearing uniform and carrying an FN/FAL I knew not to piss 'em off. These guys mean business. Amazingly enough I watched the history channel the other night and saw a most interesting show on the 6 day war back in 1967. I firmly believe that if the same conditions arose, they'd win just as soundly now as they did then. They want more modernized weapons - we've given them Patriot systems, Smart tech for their missiles, and we train their pilots. Why not give them the bunker busters too?

    I'd dearly love to see them armed to the teeth against the arabic nations. Besides, we've been aligned against Iran for a mighty long time now...
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