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Thread: Installing the DAMM scanner !!

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    Installing the DAMM scanner !!

    Hi ppl

    How u guys doing?

    Well, here iŽam late night "home work" with the PCs..

    HereŽs a brief:

    - Genius ColorPage HR6 USB scanner
    - Windows XP Pro with SP1
    - PIII 800Hz
    - VIA694 Motherboard (i guess i dont remember but its lookŽalike)


    This windows error appears evrytime that the Keyscan tries to start at the startup

    (its that window that tell to send the error to microsoft..u know)

    I can see in the scanner utility that a connection was made, turn on and off the lamp and all
    but the keyscan gives that error..the scanner is installed properly, i got the drivers from www.genius-europe.com ... i dont know what else to do..

    Is this a problem with XP, with the drivers ? or something else...

    Thanx, anymore info please let me know

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    You might have a real problem there:

    I found the troubleshooting section for the User's Guide to that scanner and here's the bad news:

    Software Requirements....

    Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB scanner can only operate under the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.
    The guide can be found here

    I would contact MS and see what they say buttttt......


    Edit: and at another site:
    Parallel model requires parallel port and Windows Me/2000/98/95/NT 4.0
    USB model requires available USB port and Windows Me/2000/98

    The problem is you have a USB model.

    Edit: kurt_der_koenig - that's way the big butt.....lol
    Connection refused, try again later.

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    ...can only operate under the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.
    Try to run it in the compatibility mode that xp has! Right click>properities>compatibility>click the box that says run this in........>then select win 98. This should work but do it under the programs directory and not the icon that might be on your desktop. Hope this helps some.

    I would contact MS and see what they say buttttt......
    lol..like they would get back to you! lmao

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