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    Problem with internet connection...

    Hey guys,

    I received a phone call from a distressed friend today. He told me that his computer is very slow and everytime he opens IE a crap load of pop ups come up. He also told me that he had a ton of those notorious search bars on IE. I told him that he has a bad case of spyware/adware. Probably a bunch of trojans and virii as well. I told him that I would come over and download some good programs. He told me don't bother because his computer is so badly infected that his computer just crashes. So I said I will just put them on a disk at my house and pop the disk in, and that's exactly what I did.

    I put spybot, ad aware, CWshredder, avast!, and spyware blaster on the disc. Once I was at his house, I unplugged his internet connection because their was just to many popups. I installed spybot and ad ware and ran CWshredder. CWshredder found a couple things. I ran spybot normally but it couldn't do anything without crashing the computer. So I put it in safe mode and ran it. It found a ton of things. I then restarted to normal mode and it cleaned what it couldn't in safe mode. I also ran ad aware. That too found a lot of things. My friend and I both found that the computer was running much smoother now. So I connected the cable back in the computer and was going to update the programs and run them one last time. Both programs said that there was no updates. I thought that was very strange so I decided to open IE and no website came up. I tried ping in the command prompt, still nothing.

    They have a laptop that shares the connection wirelessly with the desktop and the laptop has no trouble at all connecting to the internet.

    What could be wrong? The computer is running much better but it can't connect to the internet!
    Please help me... Thanks in advance.

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    Am I right in thinking Windows<both same version?> and dsl or cable? Depending on what software/hardware is in use, when rebooting and repairing -stuff gets knocked out. I loose my hp printer and usb hub sometimes when i do multiple safe mode boots and so on. Did you check all the configuration with the internet connections<compare the laptop configurations with the desktop configurations!>Maybe a reinstall of the wireless card software?!? Might have been damaged/corrupted! Just some thoughts...

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    Hey Hey,

    If some of the software that was removed was any of that New.Net garbage.. and a few other pieces of malware.. then you're TCP/IP Settings are most likely trashed... try using NetShell to fix your problem
    netsh interface ip reset c:\reset.log
    Reboot afterwards and give it a try.... You can also go to google on another machine and search for WinsockFix.exe... It uses netsh and also fixes some registry keys..... netsh should do the trick for you... you just don't get the fancy GUI.

    You may want to check out

    It gives a complete list of everything I tried on a similar problem... One of the items may have a fix for you... If you end up doing a System Restore as an attempt to fix it.. just remember that you'll have to remove the malware again... and if that becomes the case.... check the scan results for New.Net and don't remove it... instead just get the uninstaller from there site.. or one of the many cleaners for that specific software.

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    Also, here's a link to LSP fix.... which will help your LSP stack if you hosed it by pulling or another similar program. There's also a link to a tutorial on that page if you're not familiar with it.

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    Thanks for all your help guys, the winsockfix.exe did the trick. The netshell command didn't fix my problem so I thought I would try the winsockfix.exe to see if fixing the registry keys would help. It did it's job very well.

    Thanks again!
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