It seems this guy even contacted SCO to get some help on his so-called case. According NewsForge, he acted before he thought things through; a huge mistake.

Connolly told us that this would not be resolved in the media, but his actions paint a portrait of a man who tried very hard to gain support from the press and free software community. Based on his statements alone, he appears to be the victim rather than the aggressor, but the facts say that Brian Connolly is the victim not of code theft or copyright infringement, but of his own reluctance to perform due diligence in going forward with public threats before gathering evidence to prove his case.

This is hopefully the end of this story, but it also marks the second time that the boy has cried wolf in the press (the first being SCO). Each time a false code theft or copyright infringement claim is publicly made against free software, the patience and understanding of the community wanes. Companies like SCO and Furthermore, Inc. make it more difficult for genuine code theft and copyright infringement claims to be made by people who have checked their facts and gathered reliable evidence.
The same holds true to SCO, albeit more complicated. This goes to show how quick people are to jump the gun when mad. Maybe he should of counted to 100.