Im actually very new here. I posted in the past but now im here to stay. I ran forums a few days ago and had them up for a while. I soon after just gave up on them. No one tryed, or made an attempt to share knowlege but me and a few people. I made it a very nice and supportive enviornment also. So how ignorant. Like I said now im here to stay, I will not lie your forums are very well organized and put together! Support is also a +. Now I am a newbie and I use win 2k advanced server, but I not very fluent in it. I actually have freebsd, but I havent run it on my BOX yet since im doing research on if its compatible with my netgear pci wirless g card. Well im glad to say I can call this place home. Please forget my ignorant past, and allow me to start over. eNIX