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Thread: Two years of Blood, Gore, and Horror Core

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    Two years of Blood, Gore, and Horror Core

    Heh, it's 2:21 AM, October 2nd 2004. I just realised something:

    I just made two years here at AntiOnline.

    My my how things have changed.

    I've learned a lot, changed a lot, and met some cool people, and some dip shits.

    You all have seen me grow as a person, and as an entity on your screens.

    I don't think there are many of you that can honestly say I've never made you laugh, at me or with me.

    Well, here is too two years of Blood, Gore, and Horror Core.

    Seems like only yesterday I was joining for the first time. A lot of you have seen me at the worst and best of times, and I've changed so much.

    Thank you MathGirl, you were my first actual friend here and you and me have had some good talks.

    Thank you Negative, you were my second friend here, and you and me have had some fun times on this internet too. I still want visitation rights to that Jacket

    Thank you Pr0d1kal, you're one of my best buddies.

    Thank you The_Jinx, you are too. And I'm dragging both your sorry asses here one day for a party. You both are very close and like brothers to me.

    Thank you Korpdeth, you're right there with Jinx and Prod. Misfits rock !

    And Thank you PhishPhreek, you kind of took me under your wing along with KorpDeth and Negative here and helped me learn to post better. Hehe, Probably be seeing you in the spring.

    Thank you TheHorse13. You're another of my closest friends, in real life and online. You've done more for me in a year than most people have here in Michigan.

    Thank you of course to you man, Souleman, even though your punk ass won't see this. You and me have had some good talks.

    Thank you MsMittens, heh you've always given me a chance to edit a post before kicking my ass lol. You rock! And you read my papers, thank you!

    Thank you Cybrid, you've listened to some good stories of mine heh.

    Thank you Pooh Sun Tzu, if you see this, thank you for your knowledge and friendship

    Thank you HTRegz, Heh you and me have had some fun times and good dicussions on things that should have been posted here. Heh.

    and HT, lol thanks for playing me live over the damn Internet on Shoutcast when I was trashed and making up lyrics to a song lol. Good times man.

    Thank you Tiger Shark for giving me a good reason to learn and crack jokes on your old cranky Ass.

    Thank you JM459, heh, Dad. (He says I'm the son he never had) Thanks for the fun talks and joking around while drunk

    Thank you Aeallison for also taking me under your wing and making me post better. Now get your ass back on!

    Thank you Ennis for standing up for me and being a good guy

    Thank you Intmon for being a cool guy and for of course letting me push buttons without getting my head chopped off lol. You rock dude.

    Thank you mods for putting up with my **** when I was feeling frisky.

    Thank you Juridian for helping me in like a lot of stuff. You're nicer than people give you credit for. You're awesome.

    Thank you Chsh for looking over my papers too, you're as well nicer than anyone seems to give you credit for. And thanks for putting up with my bad jokes Heh

    Thanks JP for making this webiste where I've came and grown as a person and on the Internet. Heh, we didn't always get along but at least now you know my sense of humor better and see I'm only joking. You're not too bad a guy at all.

    Thanks Brad, for being the only cop I've ever met that I didn't hate. Heh you rock man. Only cop I'll probably ever say that too.

    Thank you Shrekkie as you and me were great friends, even though, you know, the whole I'm stupid thing.

    Thanks to everyone else for either:

    Giving me something to do

    Allowing me to make you the ass of my jokes

    Putting up with me

    Making me Top AP earner

    Realizing I'm not serious hardly ever and making me laugh.

    Allowing me to have a place to put my BOFH style stories.

    Making me want to keep them going. (Remember when I said I wasn't going to do another one until around Halloween? Well guess what month it is now ) Buahahahahaha The PunkPumpkinPimp Bastard will rise again.

    I'm still here, and hopefully for many more years of BLOOD GORE AND HORROR CORE!

    - Gore/ SlackWareWolf / The PunkPumpkinPimp/ TheGoreFather/ Das Blut / Allen.

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    That was so cute...

    where the f$*@ am i ? No thanks for the flame wars ? we love u gore, those bastard admin storys made me laugh...


    O.G at A.O

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    Re: Two years of Blood, Gore, and Horror Core

    Originally posted here by gore
    I just made two years here at AntiOnline.
    Happy anniversary , Son You're just a little
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    LOL. This sounds like me when I get too far into the sauce.

    Hehehhehe. Thanks for the honorable mention but I prefer to keep my image of "evil mean monster".
    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. -- John Wooden

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    Cheers gore.

    And thehorse13, you will NEVER get such nice trumpet ears like i have.
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    Congratulations dude..

    All I can add is you rock !

    You are one of my best friends on AO..

    And sorry for keeping you up late on AIM
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

    Get your ass over to SLAYRadio the best station for C64 Remixes !

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    Thank you Aeallison for also taking me under your wing and making me post better. Now get your ass back on!
    Where ya been son? I have never left for long, been pretty busy this spring/summer. Glad to see you have made it here so far... though I never had a doubt. Oh! BTW... I like totally OWN your network, you should be recieving a few e-mails pretty soon from your ISP and your local law enforcement. Something about Vicodin and young boyz... Mwuooohahahaha!!!!

    Congrats man.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    |The|Specialist raises his head up away from the celebration cake with brown chocolate stuff all over his face... hey, wait a minute, that wasn't a cake.

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    no thanks to me Fine i see how it is. LOL just playing man ya know i love you. OHHH and when ya gonna write another bastard story? come on man ive been waiting.

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    Thanks everyone. It's been a fun two years. Kind of shocked at some people that replied, I didn't expect that at all. Thank you all, I appreciate it all. Heh, took me forever to reply, I had to go to bed and get up early and go to work but I'm home now.

    WOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S OCTOBER!!!!!!

    LOL, to the people I missed, I'm sorry, I was tired as hell. Er0k, you know you're my hommie lol. And Kryp dude, heh, you too. The few people I forgot, sorry, I was tired. I was trying to think of all the people who've helped me out when I was a newbie because I wouldn't still be here without the people on that list. And of course everyone else thank you too

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