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Thread: VIM in Linux & start up

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    VIM in Linux & start up

    I running TSL Linux and I have one question about vim....

    I know how to edit text in vim but I dont know how to save...

    And I also need to know how can I add smbd to start up so that it can run automaticaly when Linux starting up.

    pls, do some one know and can help me?
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    IIRC, Vim is just VI iMproved so you should be able to use :w <filename> or just :w or :wq.

    w = write
    q = quit

    Google's first link on a search of VIM commands got this link for further reference.

    Generally speaking, most startup scripts are found in /etc/rc.d directory(ies). It depends on the layout of the Linux (having never used TSL I don't know it's layout). The script is nothing more than the commands needed to start the daemon, in this case Samba. Basically you need a line that would be the command you'd run (e.g., /sbin/smbd -D). Take a look at this script. It should have the answers you need.

    You need to look into using Google (or other search engine of your choice) to find immediate answers like this. Then, if things don't work, ask.
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