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Thread: I've come to a conclusion on M$ security

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    Originally posted here by JoeMacDaddy
    They have dropped support for their UNIX systems and are moving to Windows. Several people have resigned over the issue.
    i wish i could have the luxury to resign because we are switching from one NOS to a M$ NOS. unfortunatly, i live in the "real world", and given the IT job market landscape the way it is, if i resign i will never get another job it IT. :-(
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    Self-repairing programs are possible, but they are quite complex, in fact there are very few languages with which such a thing could be done, these are mostly your languages used in A.I., languages such as Haskell and Common LiSP. But there are problems with such programs, they would, over time, make the software developer essentially obsolete because they could write themselves.


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