Since this is the time of the year when everyone tends to want to be frightened the most. Shall we share with each other a computer oriented scare fest of stories? I shall begin so feel free to share your own stories or add on to mine.

In my youth I was a good kid. I went to school came home did my homework and played the occasional computer game on my mom's Hewlett Packard Pavilion. Times were good and peaceful in my small rural town. Years went own and the homework got more grueling and the need to mess around on the computer and Internet was almost overwhelming. Then senior year high school came around. Things were fine again being masters of the school all the seniors were on cloud nine. Except for those students who had Ms. Lindsey Packet. She was a harsh mean teacher who still lived with her mom. Her two favorite things in life were to assign homework and tell kids to persevere. The amount of homework she assigned was un-godly.
It was on the weekend that she assigned the five page paper that all hell broke loss. I went home that night all alone with no one around to bother me. So I’m thinking this will be fine I'll go home sit down and just finish this stupid thing and be done with it.
Well I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and wrote, "A line is." Hmmm. How am I going to fluff my way through five pages just speaking about a stupid line? I got up and went to the fridge to get a caffinated beverage and then sat back down. I sat there a stared at my paper rolling possible thoughts in my mind of how to stretch all this out. Nothing was coming to me. Time seemed to stand still in my head but it was moving by really quickly in reality.
It was already dark when I thought I heard something moving around in the other portion of the house. I got up to see what it was only to find nothing.
Instead of returning to the paper I decided I had had enough for now and would return to it later. I went downstairs to watch a movie. There was already a disc in the DVD player so I hit play to see what it was. Ba daaaa daaaa ba ba ba daaaaa daaaaa. The Star Wars theme blared through the house. It is one of my favorite movies but I opted for something a little more seasonal seeing that it was almost Halloween. After the disc exchange the more menacing theme of The Others was now playing on the surrounding speakers.
I'd seen the movie before so I wasn't quite sure what part it was that I feel a sleep. I still don't know how long I sleep but the sound that woke me up was something that still sticks in my head now. Something was moving around in the back rooms of my basement behind me.
I got up and looked at the blank scene of the TV to make sure it wasn't just the movie. The sound happened again and I darted upstairs to find protection.
It most of been comical watching me run around the house trying to find the largest knife possible. After almost going back downstairs with a butcher knife I remember something in my room. It was an old slim pipe that I had pounded down into a straight edge resembling a Samurai's sword. I was ready and made the trip back down the steps. The noises had stopped and my search was just as affective as earlier.
Puzzled I return to my upstairs room and sat down in front of my paper. Only those three words stared back at me. Nosing that this was only going to get harder and harder to finish. I sat there thinking again. All these grand thoughts came to me and I felt as the pen in my hand was just working be itself right all five pages flawlessly.
Then I woke up again. There isn't a worst feeling in the world when you feel you have finished five pages and wake up and still only have three words written.
I went in a sat down at the computer. I was surfing around looking at different parts to build a computer of my own. I had worked all summer and had plenty of funds to finance my escapade. Then a message popped up. It was an msn messenger IM. I didn't even have a passport for this thing I thought. There it was though right next to my start button. I opened it and read. I'm in you house?
My mind went from zero to panic. I visually scanned the entire room before typing, "Who is this?" The only response was a single question mark. I repeated the question in all caps as if I were yelling it. This time it was more then just a question mark in response. It was all kinds of question marks. They just keep coming filling up the screen.
I ran out of the room searching my house hi and low over and over. I check the basement again and I even checked the attic. Something wasn't right and I went outside in the cool night air. I cleared my head and started back inside.
I would find this phantom if it was the last thing I did.

***This is the story of "Alone" my solo movie with Slim Productions a very small independent filmmaking group. I do have the movie and would be happy to send it to whoever is interested. I am currently working on "Alone 2." My initial screening of Alone 2 was kind of a flop so I’m looking for all suggestions were to go with this story.***