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Thread: The best Hackers And Crackers

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    Cool The best Hackers And Crackers

    I found this stuff from a book called "Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network ". Below is a description of the best hackers and crackers of our time ....

    [pong]The Hackers[/pong]

    [gloworange]Richard Stallman Stallman[/gloworange] joined the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in 1971. He received the 250K McArthur Genius award for developing software. He ultimately founded the Free Software Foundation, creating hundreds of freely distributable utilities and programs for use on the UNIX platform. He worked on some archaic machines,including the DEC PDP-10 (to which he probably still has access somewhere). He is a
    brilliant programmer.

    [gloworange]Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, and Brian Kernighan Ritchie, Thompson, and
    Kernighan[/gloworange] are programmers at Bell Labs, and all were instrumental in the development of the UNIX operating system and the C programming language. Take these three individuals out of the picture, and there would likely be no Internet (or if there were, it
    would be a lot less functional). They still hack today. (For example, Ritchie is busy
    working on Plan 9 from Bell Labs, a new operating system that will probably supplant
    UNIX as the industry-standard super-networking operating system.)

    [gloworange]Paul Baran, Rand Corporation Baran[/gloworange] is probably the greatest hacker of them all for one fundamental reason: He was hacking the Internet before the Internet even existed. He hacked the concept, and his efforts provided a rough navigational tool that served to inspire those who followed him.

    [gloworange]Eugene Spafford Spafford[/gloworange] is a professor of computer science, celebrated for his work at Purdue University and elsewhere. He was instrumental in creating the Computer Oracle Password and Security System (COPS), a semi-automated system of securing your network. Spafford has turned out some very prominent students over the years and his name is intensely respected in the field.

    [gloworange]Dan Farmer Farmer [/gloworange] worked with Spafford on COPS (Release 1991) while at Carnegie Mellon University with the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). For real details, see Purdue University Technical Report CSD-TR-993, written by Eugene
    Spafford and Daniel Farmer. (Yes, Dan, the byline says Daniel Farmer.) Farmer later
    gained national notoriety for releasing the System Administrator Tool for Analyzing
    Networks (SATAN), a powerful tool for analyzing remote networks for security

    [gloworange]Wietse Venema Venema[/gloworange] hails from the Eindhoven University of Technology in theNetherlands. He is an exceptionally gifted programmer who has a long history of writingindustry-standard security tools. He co-authored SATAN with Farmer and wrote TCP Wrapper, one of the commonly used security programs in the world. (This program
    provides close control and monitoring of information packets coming from the void.)

    [gloworange]Linus Torvalds[/gloworange] A most extraordinary individual, Torvalds enrolled in classes on UNIX and the C programming language in the early 1990s. One year later, he began writing a UNIX-like operating system. Within a year, he released this system to the Internet (it was called Linux). Today, Linux has a cult following and has the distinction of being the only operating system ever developed by software programmers all over the world, many of whom will never meet one another. Linux is free from copyright restrictions and is
    available free to anyone with Internet access.

    [gloworange]Bill Gates and Paul Allen [/gloworange] From their high school days, these men from Washington were hacking software. Both are skilled programmers. Starting in 1980, they built the largest and most successful software empire on Earth. Their commercial successes
    include MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

    [pong]The Crackers[/pong]

    [glowpurple]Kevin Mitnik Mitnik[/glowpurple] , also known as Condor, is probably the world's best-knowncracker. Mitnik began his career as a phone phreak. Since those early years, Mitnik has successfully cracked every manner of secure site you can imagine, including but not
    limited to military sites, financial corporations, software firms, and other technology
    companies. (When he was still a teen, Mitnik cracked the North American Aerospace
    Defense Command.) At the time of this writing, he is awaiting trial on federal charges
    stemming from attacks committed in 1994-1995.

    [glowpurple]Kevin Poulsen [/glowpurple] Having followed a path quite similar to Mitnik, Poulsen is best known for his uncanny ability to seize control of the Pacific Bell telephone system. (Poulsen once used this talent to win a radio contest where the prize was a Porsche. He manipulated the telephone lines so that his call would be the wining one.) Poulsen has also broken nearly every type of site, but has a special penchant for sites containing defense data. This greatly complicated his last period of incarceration, which lasted five years. (This is the longest period ever served by a hacker in the United States.) Poulsen was released in
    1996 and has apparently reformed.

    [glowpurple]Justin Tanner Peterson[/glowpurple] Known as Agent Steal, Peterson is probably most celebrated forcracking a prominent consumer credit agency. Peterson appeared to be motivated bymoney instead of curiosity. This lack of personal philosophy led to his downfall and the downfall of others. For example, once caught, Peterson ratted out his friends, including Kevin Poulsen. Peterson then obtained a deal with the FBI to work undercover. This
    secured his release and he subsequently absconded, going on a crime spree that ended
    with a failed attempt to secure a six-figure fraudulent wire transfer.


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    PacketThirst - one thing ya missed on ol' Bill - he was instrumental in designing the 'intelligent' street light system for the city of Seattle. - happened back in the 70's before he bought Dos and resold it to IBM. His forte wasn't so much in computer science as it was in salesmanship however, as is quite evident from M$ today.

    Another neat FYI - this time on Mitnik - His hack of NORAD was the seed that spawned WarGames the movie.

    Never did get a good look at the SATAN software - anyone have an old copy lying about?
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    Best as I can tell, the Mitnick hacking NORAD report is a myth. I got this from an interview of his:

    [F] The Times continues to report (most recently on March 18) that you had
    hacked NORAD. Is this true?

    [M] No way, no how did I break into NORAD. That's a complete myth. And I
    never attempted to access anything considered to be classified government
    and the screen writer say here had never heard of Mitnick at that point.
    See: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086567/trivia

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    Re: The best Hackers And Crackers

    Originally posted here by PacketThirst
    I found this stuff from a book called "Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network "
    Why would you want to waste bandwith with this out dated stuff? Do you really know what is out on the net? do you ever look? enquire, search? WTF do you do? Do you ever even search AO. sorry pissed off tonight
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    I'm (still) really interested in reading more about Kevin Poulsen (aka Dark Dante) and reading his book "The Watchman" anyone know where I can find the e-book? (They don't sell that book where I live )

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    ...happened back in the 70's before he bought Dos and resold it to IBM
    Just a quick correction ...He leased DOS to IBM ...if he had sold it, he wouldn't be where he is now.

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