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Thread: Too funny... Too serious....

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    Too funny... Too serious....

    A different militant group claiming to have kidnapped two Indonesian women in Iraq demanded on Saturday the release of an Indonesian cleric jailed in his home country. But the cleric refused to be freed in an exchange, saying hostage-taking is not in keeping with Islam.

    Oops, are we misinterpreting the Koran or just using the bits we find convenient to justify our actions?

    The proof that the war on terror is not a war on Islam.....
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    ...claiming to have kidnapped...But the cleric refused to be freed...
    lol. How would you like to do something and then that person you were doing it for said "no thank you". lol.>>I give a hands up for that cleric though, to stand up and do the right thing.

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    You are correct, it's not a war on Islam it's a war on a CULT. A fascist death worshiping cult in my view.
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