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Thread: Win XP

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    Re: Win XP

    Originally posted here by Scarface212
    OK so i am sitting in fron of my computer and right next to me is a labtop that belongs to my step dad and my sister. The labtop is running xp and it is password protected and this box is just stitting in front of me all day and nobody in my family uses it. This thing is brand new and i would sure like to take a look at it. Also it is running on the same wireless internet as my computer. If anybody can give me any type of help with my problem please let me know.
    Yeah, ok, what airport did you lift this laptop from?
    BTW, when people like you come up with knavish little ways to ask for password cracking, I find it really opprobrious. Especially when I find these short stories on the front board.

    Suggestion, study a new subject for 15 minutes a day for a year and you will become an expert in that subject. I believe Einstein said that.

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    you know the word has been spelt correctly by several members.. or is it a LAB-Top.. is it the ceiling or the roof you want to check out..

    Well if it is an UNUSED LaPtop .. that would assume the owner would not be that literate and the password would be dirt simple.. try a middlename of a family member, initials, password, or even laPtop... Try social engineering a password.. try "Hey stepdad..you cool dude.. thats a cool laPtop you have there.. can you open it up so I can have a peek at how bad it realy is.. perhaps if you open up a little o'le user account as well ..Please" .. the last word being the most efficient SE word I have ever used....
    If you break into the pc by other methods I hope your step dad is a more forgiving person than I would be.. cause when you are finaly able to sit down.. your bum will be 12 inches closer to your head.. but then.. Why would your Sister and Stepdads LaPtop be on your computer desk in the first place..? but then not every home has a pc in the kids bedroom.. some have them in the entertainment area of the house (shut up mark)..

    hmmm dunno why i bothered.. fertilizer is cheap.. and this thread is full of it..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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