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    AO's Mr Grumpy
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    Apr 2003

    Saturday (00:33- 02:32)

    Have dished out a/p then logged out , came back , no updates or changes, everything is as was, tried numeous times, situation same. BTW a/p's did not register
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    Jul 2004
    I'd try and give you ap's to see. at 61 posts mine should start to count..
    I'll try.. hmmm.. should i give you pos or neg ? hehe.. not that it would matter.

    is this an ongoing thing you've had.. ? should I log out and see if that matters too ?

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    AntiOnline n00b
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    Feb 2004

    Hmmm everything works fine for me though

    Gave out AP's refreshed the page they are there....your Bar moved a lil

    Antipoint Center Updated

    wonder whats wrong with your's

    --Good Luck--

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