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    ban from antionline????

    may somone explain to me why some members i would consider as senior antionline members with a lot green dots gets ban from posting???
    do not expect this type of behavior from our senior guys??
    am i missing the point here??
    please explain

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    its a bit tough right now coz the management isnt as interactive as what it used to be. if the ban wasnt done by the community, there is a slim chance for any of us to find out why.

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    unfortunatelly, you need to take a look case by case. Some was banned due to a personal request. Others due to starting flame war or trolling.

    "senior member" != "maturity"

    i think that AO spread a virus from time to time and cause senior membe insanity, but its just me...
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    Or some just get bored and decided to go out in a bang..
    Either way with every member banned there are more coming to register so either way it's all good..


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    because jump doesnt like lesbians
    its that simple

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    Originally posted here by rioter_au
    because jump doesnt like lesbians
    its that simple

    I think they do like lesbians and that was just a huge coverup. Just my 2 cents.

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    Ok i'll be the first to try:

    Why don't you post all the senior's usernames that you're interested in why they got banned, im sure we pretty much know why everyone got banned !
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    I wonder why? Could it be that we're... umm, I mean... they're all back.

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    This thread has me
    But I like a good bit of suspense

    Why don't you [those that have responded] put in your 'original' AO name ?

    Go on: You know you want to ...................
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